Did you have an excellent weekend?

Mine was wonderful. I swept up with a pal over margaritas and mexican food, and also liked some yoga sculpt classes where I sweat my entire soul onto the mat. I absolutely love yoga exercise though; there’s just something about any of it that makes me experience incredible. I review it to some bit such as a runner’s high, except with an emotional connection. Maybe it’s just a little hard to describe, all I know is the fact that I’m smitten with my yoga exercises practice! In fact, I’ve been regarded as becoming a yoga exercises trainer. It’s something I’ve wished to do for a long period specifically because fitness is undoubtedly a huge section of my life.

First though, I’m concentrating on a redesign for Ambitious Kitchen which will take up an incredible timeframe. If you see photos of me with bloodshot eye, it’s from looking at my computer for too much time. Not from other things. Obviously.

Can we talk about how it’s already Mon again? What’s happening to the weekends? They travel by way too fast. I want to savor them longer. Last night I wrapped myself in a sleeping blanket, viewed the Grammy’s, and ate Jessica’s incredible Garlic Bread Crust Pizza (Seriously, make it !) I finished up staying up too past due because I jumped on my computer, and so today I woke up inside a complete coma and also have ridiculous purple hand bags under my eyes. It kinda looks like I had formed a tough weekend in Vegas. Ugh, but alas, smoothies always help me feel energized. I’m uncertain why really. Probably it’s the creamy liquid that benefits me up and doesn’t weigh me down. So this morning I produced this almond butter, banana, and oat smoothie.

To me, almond butter and bananas are an essential combination in life. I recently turned to using almond butter once i started reading the nutritional breakdown and found this fun infographic comparing peanut butter to almond butter.

To create this vegan, I used almond milk but you can use anything you have readily available. I also opted to add oatmeal for a delicious filling breakfast time, but if you’re simply by using this as a snack or unless you like oats, simply omit. Lastly, sometimes I sweeten my smoothie using a little bit of agave or Truvia sweetener, other times I discover that it isn’t required. Usually it depends on my disposition and what I’m craving. Take note: If you are using extra ripe bananas, you probably won’t need to add any sweetener.


Prep period:

2 mins

Cook period:

1 min

Total time:

3 mins


1 tablespoon organic almond butter

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3 tablespoons oats (gluten-free if desired)

Optional to sweeten: 1 teaspoon Agave or even a sprinkle of Truvia


Place oats into a blender and pulse until they are finely surface. Next add frozen banana chunks, almond butter, almond dairy, and sweetener if preferred. Blend until soft. Pour right into a large cold glass and enjoy!

Put in a scoop of protein powder for an extra filling up breakfast.

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